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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pick Your Food

You may wonder what picking fruit and vegetables have got to do with vacationing. Well, just think of what you are going to do after you come back from your getaway and the kids still have several weeks of free time left.

Boredom sets in pretty quick, so why not plan a day outdoors which is fun for the entire family? You may not have considered this, but there are plenty of farms and orchards around where, for a small admittance fee, you can pick all you can eat and carry home.

Some places are specializes in just one product, while others offer a wide array of fruits and veggies.

Many locations even offer all kinds of attractions and activities in which the kids can participate.

So, let's go down to earth and find locations in or near your area. Those, and recipes for your pickings, are quickly found by visiting PickYourOwn.org.

It is not only fun picking your own meal, but also educational. The children get to see how their food grows and where it comes from before it finally ends up in the stores.

I would strongly suggest dressing them and yourself for that matter, in apparel which is easy to clean. That way it doesn't matter when someone gets down and dirty!



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