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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Upside Down Fire

I like to go camping and be out and about in Mother Nature, take hikes and explore. What I love most though is making a fire.

I am not really your ordinary bush crafter who makes a bow drill from scratch to get an ember and start a fire; I use cotton balls drenched in petroleum jelly and a fire starter.

Call it lazy if you like, but it is quick and easy and the latter is what appeals to me. That is probably why I enjoy an upside down fire.

You stack the firewood from large to small on top of each other and it will burn for hours without having to feed it.

The first one I made burned for nearly two and a half hours and I assure you it was only a small stack of wood.

It is said that it can even burn longer when you fill up the gaps between the logs with sand or mud. I haven't tried that yet, but I will next time.

An upside down fire comes in extremely handy when survival is your thing. You can at least catch some Zs for a few hours during the night without constantly having to tend to the fire.

You can rest easy!



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