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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Destinations

Beware when darkness falls across the land,
especially with Halloween so close at hand.
Creepy crawlers and freaky figurines
will not shy away from frightening means.

The scenes about to unfold
are guaranteed to make your blood run cold.
You may cry and you can scream,
but unfortunately... it is not a dream.

Drawn into this ghoulish atmosphere,
you will believe the end is near.
Exposed to a scary action and bone-chilling display
you are certain you won't live to see another day.

The witch's lair is open for business.
Keep an eye out for her slickness.
She may bind you to her gridiron
or have you simmer in her cauldron.

You can visit Salem, Massachusetts, for some Haunted Happenings.
Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana, offers some ghostly things.
How about Halloween Extravaganza in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Or another one is Cassadaga located in Central Florida.

The suggestions above are a true spree
which will suit thrill-seekers to a tee.
However, when being squeamish at heart,
staying at home would be smart.

Things you wished you had never seen,
will be stuck on your retina, this Halloween.
Whatever you choose; the trick, treat, or trait,
Heed the warning and be very, very afraid!



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