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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Be Prepared

Vacation is great and many of us are looking forward to it. Most of the time it is only fourteen days of breaking out of the rut and what are we supposed to do with the remaining 351 besides work and school? Well, here is a good suggestion for both you and/or your kids: the Boy and Girl Scouts.

About four months ago our oldest grandson joined the cub scouts and he loves it. Each week he is looking forward to and excited about going to the den meetings and he has already earned several badges, patches, beads and belt loops.

He has acquired and developed skills he would not have been able to otherwise, simply because we either wouldn't have thought of it, don't have the equipment or resources, or wouldn't have the time.

Now, we are forced to make time and even though it is just one hour a week, he has already been taught and found confirmation in good family and other values.

Be prepared: it is also excellent for bonding, because a lot of stuff is done at home and requires the help of the family. Camping trips are organized on a regular basis and offer the opportunity to participate in many activities.

It is absolutely worth looking into. The scouts can be found all over the nation and joining them is not expensive either.

If you are scouting for family fun then you just found it!



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